10 Things I won’t miss from City of Heroes

With the game sadly leaving so soon, I put together this list to make myself feel better.  Given the option, I’d gladly deal with all of these for the chance to keep playing.

1. Clockworks. Metal cockroaches for lower level players.

2. Having to fight things that don’t give XP: auto turrets, Death Shaman’s zombies, Communications Officer’s Conscripts etc.

3. Getting herded into certain missions at certain points, no matter what. “Go talk to Lt. Wincott in the Hollows,” etc.

4. The unfindable mission objective. Sometimes that last hostage, glowie, whatever, just can’t freakin’ be found. That, to me, is not fun.

5. “That map.” Everyone has one. For me, it’s the cave mission map with the big room with multipile levels. I can never find my way through those. Some have a problem with the big Council base room with the water tanks, but about everyone has one type of map they can’t stand.

6. The number requirement on Task Forces. It’s irritating to be told you can’t do a mission because you can’t find enough people to go along with it. If you have two or three people you do well with, why not let the smaller group do the TF?

7. The second floor of the hospital. I don’t know why they feel the need to put you on the top floor and make you come down in elevators, THEN go back to the missions when you get killed, but it’s really annoying.

8. Heroes can beat the invading hordes of aliens, fight gangs at a time, defeat powerful arch villains, but get caught on cardboard boxes.

9. Targeting something you can’t find. Tab lets you autotarget, but that doesn’t mean you can always find said enemy.

10. Having to “earn” the cell phone information from your contacts. They send you out on life threatening missions, the least they could do is give you their phone number!