This weekend I will be at RavenCon. I get to speak on a few panels, catch up with some author friends, and make some new ones. I also will have the fantastic opportunity to meet legendary fantasy writer Terry Brooks. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to get there.

My schedule of events is below:

  • Friday

  • 6 pm (Panel) Panels From Hell / Dinwiddie / Moderator

  • 5 pm – 7 pm (Private, Optional) Meet and Greet for Guests / Outdoor Terrace, Glen Restaurant

  • 7 pm (Opening Ceremony) King George

  • 9 pm (Panel) You want to do what? (18+) / Henry / Moderator

  • 11 pm (Panel) You, me and… 18+) / Henry

  • Saturday

  • 9 am (Panel) Pacing the Novel / King William

  • 1 pm (Reading) Fairfax Library

  • Sunday

  • 10 am (Panel) How to Panel at Conventions / Spotsylvania

11 am (Panel) Being a Better Moderator / Spotsylvania


Come check it out if you’re in the area.



The Wheels Are Turning, Slowly


While there’s always something to do in the writing field, some project to be fine-tuning or more actual getting words down, there’s also a lot of waiting. At the moment, I have a novel turned in that will probably get taken (the publisher and I have talked about this one), another one I’m waiting to hear back on, and a decision on a short story I submitted a while back.

I have other things to work on, of course. I’m in various stages of the process with several other novels, and have more short stories to finish and send in. But there’s also the game of “When will I hear something?” and “Should I send a reminder or see how it’s going?” There is no hard and fast rule for those kind of things. There’s a lot of judgement involved, and factors like if you know this particular publisher at all.

So I suppose my update is, I don’t have any definitive updates at this point.

Back to writing.